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(Southfield, MI notice of US patent approval- 1990) -- Creating a suspender that actuallyHoldup Suspenders come in over 180 styles did what it was supposed to do became an obsession with Sal Herman. Only after he got a patent for a new snap-on suspender clip did he learn that his design was the first major update to this very common menswear item in more than a century. Click to see our detailed patent page.

Holdup Suspenders in the NEWS ..latest articles ...  SEE the Full reprints of articles done on Holdup Suspender Company by a local Detroit newpapers. We also are featured in several Metro Detroit news articles in 2013 regarding our small companies rapid growth. Made in the USA we are constantly in the news.

HoldUp Suspender Company “Hooks” Larry King as Celebrity Spokesperson

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.--()--When considering celebrities famous for sporting suspenders, none come to mind more quickly than veteran newsman and broadcaster, Larry King. King, 80, who claims to own at least 150 pairs of suspenders, has signed-on to lend his specific fashion notoriety to a partnership with Southfield, Mich.-based HoldUp Suspender Company. The announcement was made today by company Founder Sal Herman.

“I look forward to partnering with the Hold Up Suspender Company to bring additional awareness of their unique and innovative product lines and why suspenders should become a part of every man's wardrobe.”

Founded in 1996, the HoldUp Suspender Company is an online and wholesale supplier of suspenders in more than 250 different varieties, including lines of traditional, fashion, maternity and work-grade heavy duty suspenders. Its products are available via the company website ( and at independent men’s clothing stores across all 50 states.

As a company spokesman, King's image and insights on suspenders will be used in a variety of the company’s print and online advertising, marketing and sales materials. The partnership with King also may expand to include traditional and social media components on the company’s behalf. Terms of the agreement between HoldUp and King were not disclosed.

Larry King endorses the Holdup Suspender Co brand of clip-on suspender in Jan 2013"Wearing a pair of suspenders has long been a part of my life and style," said King. "I look forward to partnering with the Hold Up Suspender Company to bring additional awareness of their unique and innovative product lines and why suspenders should become a part of every man's wardrobe."

“Larry King is practically synonymous with suspenders, so we couldn’t be more pleased that he has agreed to endorse HoldUp’s products,” said Herman. “We’ve long referenced King as a suspenders icon, so to now have him officially associated with HoldUp Suspender Company is both exciting and validating.”

Herman, an inventor and entrepreneur considered by many as the “Suspender King,” is credited with securing the first U.S. patent issued for an improvement to modern suspenders in more than 100 years. Since then, Herman and HoldUp Suspender Company have patented five different improvements to the quintessential “mancessory.” Larry testifies that he never has seen or worn a better made or practical suspender then the Double-Ups styles of Holdup Suspenders. They look like his traditional button on braces ... without the hassle of sewing on button all all his jeans.

About HoldUp Suspender Company

Founded in 1996 by Sal Herman, the HoldUp Suspender Company, based in Southfield, Mich., is an online and wholesale supplier of unique and innovative suspenders in more than 350 different varieties. For more information on the company and its products, please visit For more information about the partnership with Larry King and the HoldUp Suspender Company, please visit, ..

Larry King Signature series Holdup suspnders in burgundy and black for $49.95 White checked pattern Larry King Signature Series Holdup suspnders for $49.95 
Larry King Signature Series dual clip Double-Ups are sold on this page for $54.95 as collector items for suspender wearers worldwide... -
Media Contact:  PublicCity PR Jason Brown, 248.252.1687

Holdup Suspenders now are officially endorsed by Larry King

Sal Herman relaxes in his office in his typical work uniformTV Celebrity and Talk show host Larry King,Larry King wearing a "City Lights" Designer Series Double-Up suspender that sells for $39.95 below known as Mr. Suspenders, meets up with the Holdup Suspender Company founder and suspender patent holder Sal Herman, often called the Suspender King. THe Suspender Kings .... Larry King TV talk show star and Sal Herman of Holdup Suspender CompanyThey met in person Jan 24th at Larry King's California home for a Holdup Suspender endorsement photo shoot. Surprise! They both prefer wearing jeans daily with their favorite suspenders at work and play. Bookmark this page as throughout 2013 Larry King will be showing off his collection of USA made and patented Holdup Suspender favorite styles. You can bet their mostly the dual clip Double-Ups Styles that look and wear like Larry's huge collection of button on braces. Above is Larry King testing the holdup no-slip clip power on the City Light pattern Double-Up suspenders sold at  

Did you know that thousands, perhaps even millions of men have a tangle of slightly worn suspenders tucked away somewhere because the clips won't hold? One industry source says more than three million pairs of suspenders are sold each year. Unfortunately most of these don't last long. The clips give out quickly and the wearer must bend them frequently with pliers, or consign them to a junk pile. How often do the competitive brands, used by most tuxedo rental firms, hold up to just one day's wear and tear??

For the consumer, the No-Slip Suspender Clip means a guarantee of no more slipping, or bending clips, or worse yet, throwing away a perfectly good pair of suspenders. 

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Finally a maternity suspender worn under loose fitting blouses that keeps your pants,shirts and shorts from sagging

Multiple styles priced at $19.95. Below you'll see the inter-active slideshow of the Maternity Under-Ups by Holdup Suspenders made to wear hidden under your maternity Blouse or t-shirt.. click any photo to activate the Holdup Maternity Suspenders slide show


Maternity Holdup suspenders are the easiest way for pregnant women to holdup their maternity pants and shorts Maternity Under-Ups have silver no-slip suspender clips Holdup no-slip clips in chrome finish are used to attach these maternity pant suspenders Maternity Holdup suspenders slip on like a backpack and attach with just 2 waistband clips New patented nude color Gripper clasps hold tighter the harder you pull on them Summary of features in our maternity pant clip-on suspenders that sell for 18.95 Super soft USA made elastic straps are washable and or no-slip chrome clips really do holdup your maternity pants and skirts Our Maternity pant suspenders have the nude color plastic Gripper clasps and silver metel clip choices  Our exclusive Velcro length adjustment system makes for simple tightening of the Holdup Maternity suspenders

Click here to Buy Holdup Maternity Pant clip-on Suspenders

Sal's at it again and invented, patented and now is selling the HangUp™ suspender hanger. These sell for $13.95. You can buy one an organize your entire clip-on suspender collection.

Holdup Suspender company introduces the HangUp suspender closet hanger.Easily organize and display your suspender collection with the HangUp hanger. Sal Herman, the President and founder of Holdup Suspender Company, loves inventing innovative products around his fashion passion... men's' suspenders. Loyal customers for years have asked him when He'll come up with a practical way to eliminate their closet clutter of suspenders. He was a victim too, as suspenders are a part of his daily wardrobe. The above photo shows off some of his Holdup Suspender collection showcasing the practical simplicity of his newly Patented HangUp™ suspender hanger.



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Holdup Black braided leather suspender braces are one of our best selling suspenders

TV and Talk Show celebrity Allen King now officially endorses the Holdup brand of USA made suspenders in Jan 2013

Larry King ( Mr Suspenders) officially endorces Holdup Suspenders and look forward to wearing them daily on YV and his Ora TV webcasts
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