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 Our company  provides just what the name implies... Suspenders that really do HOLD UP. Our patented no-slip clip®, and the new plastic gripper clasp™, are the first improvement in suspenders in over a century. Put on a pair of our patented suspenders and you’ll feel the difference immediately. Start browsing our Ecatalog Products page from our most versatile single Finger Clip" lines, which give you the choice of Y or X-back styles and Gold or Silver metal no-slip clip finish choices...

Why Are Our Suspender Of Superior Quality?
Holdup Suspender Company holds the first patent granted on suspenders in 117 years. Our suspenders now come with our patented “No-Slip Suspender Clip.” A needle-sharp locking center pin and improved clip with SLANT faced design giving you total confidence that your suspenders will do just what they’re designed for.

They’ll hold up your pants and stay secure and comfortable as you go about your day and into the evening. Sitting, standing, or moving, there is no accidental opening and the Holdup Suspenders are guaranteed to stay comfortably in place and not fly off... or pop-off your pants....  read all about the Holdup difference...Learn all about the Holdup Suspender Company history and how we reinvented the pant suspender for men and women.


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Over the decades, suspenders maintained a hold in the full spectrum of the clothing accessory world. Sal Herman inventor of the patented no-slip suspender clip and president of Holdup Suspender Company.First, they provided the comfort of wearing looser pants, so as not to contend with wearing a tight, restrictive belt (which did not necessarily hold up their pants anyway). Second they added elegance to business and formal attire. Most attempts to bring them into the mainstream have failed, because traditional suspender clips did not have the gripping power to keep them in place and prevent them from slipping off the pants.

In 1996, Sal Herman (above) and his wife Judee began the Hold-Up Suspender Company. Using the patented no-slip clip, they designed and marketed a variety of suspenders which included styles and fabrics for work, sports, casual, dress and formal wear.
Read all about the Double-Up series of Holdup Suspenders and choose multiple solid colors, patterns and jacquard weaves starting at $34.95

Our family run company is constantly researching new USA made products that utilize our patented suspender clips. Holdup Suspender Company's expanded product lines necessitated a site makeover to streamline product line navigation. Use search box at top of any page to instantly find specifying color and style choices shown in our paper catalog.

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Holdup Suspender Company is Providing Functional Fashion to the Suspender Industry as we expand our patented product lines....

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Brand new Striped Holdup added in both single and dual clip Double-Up styles from $29.95

Read more About US .. Hold-Up suspenders are guaranteed not to slip, slide, or fly off your pants no matter how hard you pull on the straps.... The Holdup no-slip clips in metal or plastic styles do make all the difference with customers used to the inferior holding power of the competitor suspender clips. You can purchase Holdup replacement clips in all the various styles, with qty discounts, right here.

Holdup Sheet straps, or fitted sheet suspenders, are called Stay-Downs and sell for only 19.95 in in two set sizes. We now sell the Patent Pending Holdup Stay-Downs®, These are USA made sheet suspender Straps in 2 styles featuring our Gripper Clasp and velcro type tension adjuster system. Click here to get details and purchase these Holdup sheet straps.

Leave it to Holdup Suspender Company's founder to build a better sheet suspender, or sheet strap, to cure the common problem of fitted bed sheets coming loose as you toss & turn in bed. Holdup's bedding suspender are called a Sheet Stay-Downs™ and is sold in two lengths and attachment styles.

Choose from our Single “Finger-Clip” lines with X or Y back and metal clip finish choices or the Dual Clip Double-ups models in same color choices for $10.00 more. We have expanded the wider Jumbo 2x4 Series Holdups to include Plastic Gripper Clasp Outdoorsman and electrician pattern and 2" wide Hip Clip models. Our Specialty Suspenders series include No-Buzz airport friendly models that won't trigger metal detectors, Maternity and undergarment suspenders... plus the Urban Youth thinner shorter styles in solids and patterns.

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