Introducing 6 new models of undergarment suspenders made to wear under your shirt or blouseIntroducing Under-Ups... a super-soft pant suspender made to be worn under your shirt .. next to your skin. Only available from the Holdup Suspender Company in various practical style and clip choices. So comfortable you'll forget your wearing them! These carry USA Patent # 8,209,779

TOTALLY UNIQUE -Undergarment Suspenders we call Under-Ups: Something entirely new in pant clip-on suspenders. For the customer who prefers to wear their Holdup's® under a shirt with shorts, jeans, scrubs or slacks ...these are made just for this purpose.

These are very popular with guys wearing them under loose fitting guayabera type beach shirts. The super soft poly-blend washable elastic fabric is 1-1/2" wide and adjusts to 48" long. The new velcro type Flush length Adjustment system is used in all our under-Ups suspenders made to wear unseen comfortably under your shirt. Now available in  New XL (eXtra Long) option which has a max adjustable length to 54" inches for the big and tall man.

Similar to the elastic fabric used in a THICK ACE Bandage, these super flexible skin tone tan suspenders have our Patented no-slip clips holding up your pants or shorts. A smooth velcro type strip adheres to Micro fiber backing as a simple length adjustment system allowing you to quickly tailor these under-your-shirt suspenders to your height. The X-back style crossover is just double nylon stitched, without the usual leather Holdup crosspatch. Results are less bulk and the unbelievably soft fabric can be comfortably worn next to your skin. Try them out with shorts, with surgical scrubs, or use your imagination as to where you'd prefer to wear a pant suspender that doesn't show on top of your shirt. Another Patented innovation in men's fashion accessories from Holdup Suspender Company since 1997.

All under-garment Holdups (Under-Ups) now come with the smooth "flush Webbing" system for adjusting the suspender length. Exclusive velcro type strip and our USA made suspender straps with Micro grip backing eliminates bulky adjustment buckles. These straps also are machine or hand washable.

We now offer additional styles of super soft "under your shirt" suspender styles sold below. The original X-back style without any leather crosspatch and 4 nickel finished no-slip metal clips for $21.95 in standard 48" length and 4" XL models. The other 2 are Hip-Clip suspenders that attach at the waist with just 2 clips for $21.95 each. One uses the Patented Holdup metal silver finished no slip clips and the other uses the composite plastic cam operated gripper clasp. These are used in all our No-Buzz airport travel friendly line of suspenders for frequent travelers that use our newly patented composite plastic "Gripper Clasps" which won't trigger metal detectors... ( undergarment suspenders worn next to skin, like all underwear items, cannot be returned once used due to health code restrictions ) US Patent # 8,209,779

an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)Super Soft -UnderGarment Holdup Suspender with x-back styling and 4 chrome no-slip clips are $21.95 ea. these have patented Velcro Length adjuster & Part# 6301XS sell Holdup Suspender Company Under-Ups hidden suspenders for men and women for 19.95

Under-Ups 4 metal clip model

No-slip Clip in Nickel/Chrome finish This is the standard 48" length model.

Qty:   $21.95ea

We have the same beige undergarment suspenders in a  X-back traditional 4 clip style using the new patented plastic Gripper Claspsready to ship today for the same $21.95 price. The Xtra Long metal clip model is in stock below for the Big and Tall man for $3 more.

bullet Worn under Uniform shirts in the food services industry -Chefs - Surgeons - Bakers -wait staff -Fast food restaurants for practical comfort
bullet Comfortably worn under those surgical scrubs by Doctors -Nurses -Patients and those liking the loose fitting comfort of a pullover scrub shirt without the drawback of keeping up those draw-string pants.
bullet Millions of Ostomy belt wearers find these as a more comfortable, affordable alternative to binding belts, Perfect fashion accessory for Colostomy, Ileostomy, or Urostomy bag wearers. 


1 1/2" super soft washable fabric in all the men's styles with 48" length and 1 1/4" width in our Maternity Under-Ups with a shorter length. Now available in a XL 54" max length for tall & larger men with Plastic Gripper Clasp or the Metal clips.


Washable USA made fabrics and we offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee if your dissatisfied for any reason with any Holdup Suspender Product. ...

       Under-Ups™ design and Utility USA Patent # 8,209,779

* Holdup Suspender Company was awarded both a unique design and rare utility patent for their Undergarment Suspender line sold here... This patent number # 8,209,779 was granted on July 3rd 2012. (See the above Patent Certificate plaque for details on this USA patent).

Order standard length $21.95 metal clip Under-Ups above... or the eXtra Long 54" longer $24.95 XL model below

Super soft USA made elastic fabric with stitched X-back and Velcro type smooth length adjuster make these comfortable .. and hidden under your shirt. Click on image to right for detail view of these extra long Under-Ups with 4 metal Holdup Suspender Company no-slip clips...


an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)Super Soft -UnderGarment Holdup Suspender with x-back styling, eXtra Long 54" length, 4 silver clips are $24.95 ea. Our catalog part# 6301XLS
 eXtra Long Holdup suspenders made to wear under your shirt... $22.95

XL 54" length option with No-slip Clip in Nickel/Chrome finish
  $24.95ea These suspenders have a 54" XL length option

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Comfort .. Security .. Confidence .. Improved Body Image. Brand new is the Hip Clip "Trucker Suspender" style made to wear under your shirt. Just slide in your arms through the super soft straps and attach to your waistband with just 2 clips. Wear under your Guayabera loose fitting shirt, jacket or sweater in total comfort.

NEW STYLE: Hip-Clip Trucker suspenders styling and convenience added to the super soft ace bandage type elastic material used in our undergarment suspenders. These feature our Silver/chrome finished patented no-slip metal clips and the new smooth "Flush Webbing" length adjustment system using velcro type fastener strips.

Perfect pant suspender for wearing under your shirt next to your skin. Put on these Hip-Clip "Trucker" style side clip suspenders (design Patent Pending) like you would a backpack. Simply put your arms through the the x-back straps and attach the 2 side no-slip suspender clips to your waistband. Quick disconnect too: Wear under sweaters, shirt or a jacket since this distinct suspender style makes it easy to go to the bathroom with just 2 clips to un-snap. Holdup has several stylish models of Hip Clip (quick release) side clip suspenders and we now are stocking by popular demand the new Maternity Holdup Suspenders suspenders specifically made for comfortably holding Up all types of maternity pants, shorts and skirts. The below Hip-Clip undergarment suspender is perfect for the PLUS-Size women before -during and after giving birth.

All Holdups come with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Our secure shopping cart is programmed to not charge for UPS ground service on all orders over $75 when shipped to USA destinations. Try several pair risk free from the most expansive collection of suspenders on the net! Hip-Clip or Side Clip trucker style hidden suspenders attach to your pants with just 2 patented no-slip clips.

Navy Blue side clip-on suspenders for 19.95 UnderGarment TAN 1-1/2" wide Hip-Clip Styling: These use 2 traditional Holdup silver/chrome finished Metal no-slip clips that quickly attach at the sides of your pant's waistband. These have double sewn X-back styling in soft elastic fabric for wearing "under your shirt" in total comfort. Part number 6403FC for hip-slip style with metal clips

Choose Qty:     price $21.95 each
 The SuperSoft Trucker Hip-Clip Style undergarment suspender with chrome plated metal no-slip clips and part# 6403FC  Patent Pending

The above "under-your shirt suspender" attached to your pant or shorts waistband with just 2 quick release no-slip clips. Slide your arms through the X-back soft elastic loops like putting on a back-pack in the simple to use Hip-Clip style. Notice below the Hip-Clip or Trucker style undergarment Holdup suspenders worn with loose fitting shorts and shirts. Those recovering from stomach surgery, or have abdominal medical surgery requiring wearing loose fitting pants over loose fitting shirts will love wearing these invisible medical pant suspenders.  

AirPort Friendly Holdup's undergarment super-soft No-buzz Suspenders won't trigger metal detectors and are the top sellers in our undergarment lineup sell for only $21.95. These use the new improved Patented Composite Plastic Gripper Clasps and a Velcro type strip length adjuster for smoother lines under your shirt. Additional Hold-Ups with plastic No buzz™ clips ... click here!

These plastic Gripper clasps in black or light beige are designed to grasp tighter the harder you pull on them. Definitely a bargain for those needing a rugged comfortable suspender to wear with shorts and slacks under a loose fitting shirt.

Hip-Clip style TIP: To lower the sewn X-back section on your back just move the 2 clips, or plastic Gripper Clasps, more towards the front of your pants.

New side clip-on trucker suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company.Wear a pair of these soft No-buzz undergarment suspenders, that quickly attach with just 2 Plastic Gripper Clasps, work great under thewse loose casual shirtsSome frequent travelers wanted our airport friendly composite plastic gripper clasp put on the super soft under-garment fabric... with the simple 2 clip quick disconnect Hip-Clip®  trucker 2 side clasp style. You can purchase these below on sale for $21.95. These are comfortably worn under your shirt with a super soft 1 1/2" wide fabric and composite plastic length adjuster to max length of 48" Guaranteed not to trip off any metal detector alarms like our metal no-slip clips and metal length adjusters do... The more you pull on these gripper clasps the tighter they hold! Under-garment suspender + No Alarm Gripper Clasps + HipClip© Trucker two clip attachment style now priced at just $21.95... patent pending
NoBuzz Airport Friendly Undergarment TAN 1-1/2" wide in the quick release Hip-Clip Style (Trucker side clip model) ... These are worn under your shirt and slip on like a backpack...  Part# 6406HP
Choose Qty:     price $21.95 each

2 Patented Suspender Composite Plastic Buckles *composite plastic gripper clasps and exclusive velcro type strip length adjustment system make these travel friendly as they pass through airport metal detectors...

Get comfortable ... while holding up your pants.

Invisible UNder-Up suspenders are made to wear under your loose fitting sports shirt. Doctors and Nurses love wearin gour Holdup Under-Ups with their surgical scrubs and uniformsHidden from view is a pair of Undergarment suspenders worn under this Guayaberra Cuban shirt
Out of sight and so comfortable you'll forget your wearing these Under-Ups with pants or shorts when traveling or relaxing at the beach.... with hidden Under-Ups

No-buzz Hip-Clip style Under-Ups are suspenders worn under your loose shirt won't that trigger metal detectores Holdup President Sal Herman loves wearing soft comfortable Under-Ups with a loose fitting casual shirt to the office daily

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( undergarment suspenders worn next to skin, like all underwear items, cannot be returned once used due to health code restrictions )

These Hip-Clip Trucker style soft "under your shirt" suspender are so comfortable you'll forget your wearing them.
The above Under-Ups attach with just 2 Gripper Clasps at the side of your pants.

The Perfect soft clip-on suspender for wearing under a loose shirt with pants or summertime shorts now with 4 Gripper Plastic Clasps.... Looking for conventional X-back style Holdup Under-garment soft fabric suspenders with the 4 Patented Suspender Buckles (composite plastic "gripper clasps") for wearing under your shirt?  We now have these in stock ready for shipping also priced at $21.95. 1 1/2" wide + Plastic length adjusters and improved patented cam clasp lock down gripper clasp called suspender buckles. All the Under-Garment soft Holdups now come with the Flush Webbing" velcro type strip length adjustment system. Perfect for holding up your pants where you have to pass through metal detectors in Office buildings, schools, Courtrooms and Airports. The hip-slip style has a pending patent application.

Airport friendly suspenders made to wear under your shirtSome Holdup Customers are frequent travelers and wanted our airport friendly composite plastic gripper clasp put on the super soft under-garment elastic fabric in traditional X-back styled Holdup's shown below for only $21.95.  These can be worn under their shirts and won't trigger metal detectors.

These are comfortably worn under your shirt and guaranteed not to trip off any metal detector alarms with these 4 simple gripper clasps made with durable composite space age plastic with superior holding power. Patent D619,495 S... All Holdups are backed by 30 day money back guarantee

No Buzz Airport Friendly super-soft Under-Garment Suspender with thick Ace Bandage TAN in standard 48" length

Traditional 4 clasp styling in 1-1/2" width and 4 Patented composite Suspender Buckles (plastic gripper clasps.) These have and sewn X-back styling and a 30 day money back guaranty.

part# 6302XP Qty: $21.95

  Extra Long No--Buzz Plastic Gripper Clasp model that's non-metallic is made for Big & Tall travelers. These adjust to 54" (fits men or women well over 6' tall) and are designed not to trip metal detectors at airports. Included exclusive Velcro® Type length smooth adjustment system and 4 Patented composite plastic Gripper Clasps that holdup to years of use... Discreetly worn under your shirt with smooth lines and super soft USA made elastic straps.... X-back traditional style has 4 gripper clasps in a super soft tan fabric that won't irritate your skin and can be hand washed for years of daily wear..

New in 2015 are 3 models of  2" wide All Black No-Buzz Suspenders in both Hip-Clip trucker side clip style or traditional 4 jumbo Gripper clasp x-back 48" and 54" XL models.

 2" wide airport friendly all balck Hokldup No-buzz suspenders with patented Griipper Clasps and plastic length adjusters  All black trucker style side clip Holdup suspenders with plastic length adjusters made in the USA and they pass rigth through metal detectors Airport Friendly no-alarm all black Holdup suspenders in wider 2" width are made in the USA
2" wide Hip-Clip All Black no-buzz Holdup suspenders sell for $23.95 each. 




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Suspenders made to wear under your shirt next to your skin... Holdup Under-Ups

Exclusive Holdup suspenders with super soft USA made washable elastic fabric made to wear under your shirt for 19.95

Undergarment patented suspenders are made to wear under your shirt
 Below you'll see the inter-active slideshow of the Under-Ups suspenders made to wear hidden under your shirt or Blouse..
click any photo to activate the Holdup Undergarment Suspenders slide show

Sal's favorite Under-Ups are these Hip-Clip trucker style pair that are so comfortable you'll forget your wearing them Hip-Clip style Under-Ups slip on like wearing a backpack shown here with Plastic Gripper Clasps
 Made in the uSA are these Hip-Clip or side clip suspenders thta attach with two composite plastic Gripper Clasps at the waisband Smooth lines come from the built in Velcro Type length adjustment system in these metal clip undergarment Holdups
 Hip-Clip UNder Up worn next to your skin with soft USA made straps and patented Gripper Clasps Chrome finished no-slip clips used in these undergarment suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company thta sell for 19.95
 Holdup Undergarment Suspenders in a Hip-Clip style attach at the waist with just 2 Gripper CGlasps Hidden from view are these Under-Ups shownb with a striped casual loose fitting shirt
 Hip-Clip or Trucker style suspenders made to wear under your shirt with super soft washable elastic fabric Worn under this polo shirt is a pair of Hip-Clip style Under-Ups pant suspenders designed with Plastic Gripper clasps so they won't trigger metal detectors at Airports
 Velcro type length adjuster makes it simple to tighten up these undergarment Holdup suspenders Plastic gripper clasps are USA patented and hold tighter the harder you pull on them
 Metal no-slip clips used on this Hip-Clip style undergarment suspender Perfect for wearing with summertime loose fitting shirts are these soft Under-Ups that attach with just 2 plastic gripper clasps
 All composute plastic Gripper Clasp won't trigger metal detectors and are used in traditional or Hip-Clip style Under-Up Suspenders 4 Gripper clasps and x-back sewn back allows these undergarment series Holdups to securly Holdup your pants while hidden from view
 Gripper clasp used on standard length and XL: length undergarment Holdups Wear these Under-Ups clip-on suspenders under your shirt with shorts, slacks or jeans
 Hip-Clip style Undergarment suspenders are super comfortable and attach with just 2 Gripper Clasps Attach these Hip-Clip styles undergarment suspenders with just 2 Silver no-slip clips on your waistband
 Sal Herman shown wearing the Hip-Clip style Under-Ups thta are designed to not trigger metal detectors at secure buildings or Airports Hip-Clip style Undergarment suspender comfortably Holdup your pants in total comfort
 These super comfortble Under-Ups shown worn under a loose casual black dress shirt sell for 19.95 Hidden from view are these super soft under your shirt suspenders which are perfect for ostomy and colostomy patients
 Black Gripper clasp option used on these traditional style x-back undergarment pant suspender Hidden from view are these soft Under-Up suspenders that won't trigger metal dectectors
 Hypo-alergenic soft straps and no-metal composite plastic Gripper clasps allow these traditional, 4 clip under your shirt suspender, to be worn in complete comfort Hidden out of sight are these Holdup suspenders called Under-Ups made to wear under your shirt
 Hip-Clip style Under-Ups have a sewn X-back and attach with just 2 clips for quick trips to the bathroom Hipd-Clip Under Up suspenders shown here with nude color Gripper clasps are airport friendly and won't trigger metla detectors
 Velco strip length adjuster and plastic gripper clasps won't trigger airport or office building metal detectors The harder you pull on the Gripper Claps the tighter they grip to you pants
 So comfortable you won't even know your wearing them are these Trucker style Hip-Clip Under-Ups Exclusibe silver no-slip Holdup suspender clips with locking center pin
 side clip Trucker style undergarment suspenders are super comfortable and practical Hip-Clip style with 2 metal no-slip clips
 No-Buzz Under-Ups with Black Gripper clasps sell for 19.95 Traditional 4 clip X-back style undergarment Holdup suspenders called Under-Ups
 The most comfortable pant suspenders are these super soft Under-Ups that attach with just 2 Patented plastic Gripper clasps Out of sight are these hidden under your shirt suspenders from Holdup Suspnder Company

Under-Ups worn by Doctors, patients and Nurses under their surgical scrubs and loose fitting uniforms to holdup draw string or elastic waistband pants

Multiple styles priced from $21.95 to 24.95 for XL version

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(800) 700-4515
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Don't forget these super soft undergarment suspenders were the inspiration for making Maternity Holdup Suspenders for expectant moms tired of hitching up their pants thousands of times during pregnancy

Patented Maternity Under-Ups maternity suspenders for holding up your pants and shorts sell for 19.95
New Maternity Suspenders now on sale for $19.95

Perfect for use on motorized Hospital Beds to secure fitted sheets and bedding when raising or lowering adjustable hospital beds. Click here to see the 2 styles of Stay-Down fitted sheet suspender straps.

Holdup Suspnder Company introduces the Sheet Stay-downs which secure any size fitted bed sheet

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Under-Ups™ shown below with plastic Gripper Clasps are perfect for wearing under loose fitting shirts holding up your slacks or shorts...

Under-Ups are worn under your shirt to Holdup your pants ... shown here with the Plastic Gripper Clasps
Plastic Gripper clasp models

Under-Ups™ have
 USA Patent
# 8,209,779

Plastic no-buzz clasps actually hold tighter the harder you pull on them. They also pass right through metal detector scanners so they're perfect for frequent travelers. 

Hidden under this loose fitting Tommy Bahama summer shirt are these super strong undergarment suspender with strong plastic patented gripper clasps.

Something new in suspenders made to wear next to your skin are these 1 1/4" wide Maternity HOLDUP suspenders™. The perfect Baby Shower gift for expectant moms... now on sale at only $19.95. Any Under-Ups shown above also work for Holding Up expectant moms pants.

Businessmen love wearing our Double-Up style suspenders at work and when out partying

Holdup City Lights designer pattern Double-Ups show above are a popular seller for businessmen seeking a quality clip on suspender

Satin finished champagne golden tan Holdup suspenders look great with a dress shirt at work or play

Satin finished 1" wide USA made formal series suspenders come with Y or X-back options in 9 colors,

See all the 250 styles of Holdup clip-on USA made suspenders at

Holdup suspenders come with Black or Nickel plated metal no-slip jumbo clips or the new Plastic Gripper Clasp. All have X-back crosspatch embossed with Holdup Logo in a variety of style/color choices...

  1. Contractor Series 2" wide work suspenders in 8 solid Colors and US Flag or Rainbow of Colors patterns... $21.95
  2. Tradesman Series are 2" wide w/Silver clips, X-back Brown leather crosspatch in 7 colorful skilled trades patterns ... $21.95
  3. Industrial Series heavy duty work suspenders in 3 colors have non-elastic straps, silver jumbo clips and brown leather X-back logo crosspatch. $21.95
  4. Outdoorsman Series are 2" wide hunting suspenders in 4 camouflage patterns, shadow Black or bright Hunter Orange with black leather crosspatch and black jumbo Metal or Plastic clips... priced from $21.95 to 24.95
  5. Wide Hip-Clip™ Trucker Style Series slip on like a backpack and attach with 2 silver Jumbo no-slip side clips ..... $21.95
  6. XL wide suspenders for the Big & Tall man have longer 2" wide black or tan straps, leather X-back crosspatch and metal jumbo clips or Plastic Gripper Clasps... $24.95

Exclusive Hold-Downs biker bootstraps from Holdup Suspender Company

Motorcyclist demand quality apparel products made to last under extreme conditions. We offer an exclusive design Biker Bootstrap to holdup down your jeans when riding the highways.

Holdup Biker Suspenders have the exclusive Jumbo black No-slip clips with locking center pin in Flame and Skull & Crossbones patterns . Our Biker suspenders are 2" wide and sell for $21.95...

Our E-mail the Holdup Suspnder Co staff who operate Staff  

Bikers and Truckers also like our 2" The side clip trucker suspenders from Holdup Suspender company

wide Hip-Clip style suspenders that attach with just 2 jumbo clips in a variety of colors in both a 1 1/2" or 2" width priced from $21.95.

Patent light beige Gripper Clasps are made to attach and hold tight to any thickness of waistbant material

Buy our patent plastic or metal suspender clips and make suggestions at the forum as to time saving & practical products using these unique clips. Holdup Suspender founder Sal Herman has designed and developed multiple inventions granted US patents, based upon these clips and customer product suggestions...

Sal Herman relaxes in his office in his typical work uniform

It all starts with a great clip


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